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Since disintegration of the Soviet Union Republic of Belarus was involved in economic reforms. During the first five years of the Belarus economic development it became obvious that it will follow the European models and the values based on democratic principles and market economy. At the same time, the processes which have begun 20 years ago of reforming of economy and finance in Republic of Belarus generally touched the banking sector of economy, fuel and energy complex, economy and finance of corporate sector and practically didn't touch tax and budgetary system.

 The first steps of reforming in these spheres, dynamic changes of internal and external social and economic conditions weren't accompanied by adequate changes in tax and budgetary system, intergovernmental fiscal relations, regional and local financial management. Transformation of the tax and budgetary systems, functioning of multilevel budgets, realization of new principles of the budgetary device, formation of a new intergovernmental fiscal relations in conditions of transition to market methods of administration realized in the Central and Eastern European countries threw down a certain challenge to the Belarus authorities to reform tax and budgetary sphere in the early nineties. However, the country was only limited to declare reforming, being accompanied its imitation, and subsequently and to open refusal of reform. However, the country was limited by declarations of the reforming, being accompanied by imitations, and finally, full refusal from reforms.